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Stainless Steel Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Stainless steel is a term that implies "stain less" rather than "no stain steel." At Handle House, we offer Australian-made stainless steel products of the highest quality, which are highly resistant to corrosion. However, factors such as environmental conditions can cause stainless steel to stain and discolour over time, which is a natural process and not a manufacturing defect.

Since stainless steel doesn't have an outer coating, it's essential to clean it regularly to maintain its original high quality. Tea staining, a brown discoloration that occurs when water with high chloride content comes into frequent contact with the metal surface, is a common problem in coastal areas of Australia. With regular maintenance, however, you can prevent tea staining on any exposed handles.

When cleaning stainless steel, it's essential to follow the grain and not go against it. Rubbing against the grain can ruin the finish and make stainless steel lose its shine. It can also cause microscopic crevices where dirt can collect, leading to corrosion spots.

If you're uncertain about the material of your chosen products, please contact the Handle House team for advice on how to care for and maintain your handles' high-quality finish.



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