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T100 - Concealed Magnetic Door Catch

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The T100 - Magnetic Door Catch is a versatile and discreet solution designed to provide secure closure for various applications such as linen cupboards, wardrobes, double doors, or pantries. This innovative door catch can be conveniently concealed on either the side of the door and frame or on the top of the frame, ensuring a seamless and tidy appearance.

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    - Power adjustment packers enable easy customisation to achieve the perfect fit and performance

    - Easy-fit stainless steel housing cups offer durability and effortless installation

    - Drill-in rubber buffer ensures a soft and silent closing action, enhancing user experience

    - Countersunk design allows for a flush and neat fit, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your space

    - Measurements: 25 x 7mm, providing compact dimensions suitable for various door configurations

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