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Smart Solutions to Hide Old Screw Holes for Handles and Knobs

Smart Solutions to Hide Old Screw Holes for Handles and Knobs

Are you hesitant to change your old handles or knobs because you're worried about finding the perfect fit for the existing screw holes?

We understand your concern, but rest assured, there are solutions available! Let us guide you through some clever tips and tricks to address this common issue.

Firstly, you need to determine the measurements of the centre-to-centre distance between the screw holes. This can be easily done by removing one of the original handles and measuring the distance between the holes either on the handle itself or on the cupboard.

Once you have these measurements, you can search for handles of the same size on our website. We provide detailed dimensions and measurements for all our products, and many of our handles are available in increments of 32mm, starting from 32mm. We also offer handles in some uncommon sizes to cater to various needs.

However, if you encounter a measurement that doesn't match our standard options, don't worry! There are still ways to hide the old holes and revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, or furniture. For instance, if you have to redrill new holes and the old holes become exposed, look for handles that have lips, overhangs, or solid pieces that sit flush against the cupboard surface.

Here are some excellent examples: These handles also work wonders in concealing any unsightly marks that may be left behind by previous handles when removed from cupboards, drawers, or cabinets.

  1. Cup Pulls - Cup pulls are a fantastic choice as they cover the pre-existing holes with their cup-shaped design. 

  2. Eyelid Pulls - Eyelid pulls feature a lip that provides the same benefits as cup pulls. 

  3. Flat Pulls - Flat pulls, with their rectangular shape, are ideal for hiding marks or holes. 

  4. Long Flush Bars - These handles sit flush against the cupboard surface, making the old holes virtually invisible. 

These examples demonstrate just a few of the ways you can replace old handles with something fresh and different, without unnecessary hassle. Now that you know these secrets, there's no need to worry or feel overwhelmed when updating and revitalizing your kitchen, bathroom, or furniture. With some clever thinking and savvy choices, you can make the change seamlessly and effortlessly!

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