Planning the Hardware for Your New Kitchen

Planning the Hardware for Your New Kitchen

Written by Nadine

Planning the Hardware for Your New Kitchen

‘Picking those Final little pieces’

When it comes to adding the final pieces within a New Kitchen, the usual things that come to mind is the décor and soft furnishing like pictures, rugs, runners etc. but when it comes to a Kitchen it’s somewhat different. There are so many considerations to think of, like whether to have pull handles, cup pulls or knobs. These little final additions add the overall aesthetics to a room. So, when you are designing a room, it is best to get an idea of what style you would like to go with and find the elements in that design.

Having a good understanding of what you would like in terms of material, colour, style and the overall impression you would like to create. So, before you start planning for your kitchen have an idea what you would like in your space. Would you like to have your fixtures flow with the same effect as your hardware? I.e. your same colour used for your lighting, tapware, window frames, door handles etc.

When it comes to choosing handles there are a few things you should consider:

  1. How they will it influence the look of the overall Kitchen
  2. How practical and functional are they
  3. What is their material made of, you would like hardware that will is durable and will be user-friendly for your whole family.

Satin Nickel Traditional Decorative Rail Handle Cabinet Handle (C172-SN C173-SN Kyvalley)For a classic Hamptons or coastal style kitchen traditional handles and knobs are better matched like our NEW (Above) C 172 – C173 Kyvalley Cabinet Handles a traditional decorative rail handle.

Or our (Above)  K67- Oxford Knobs a daisy flower designed knob in a old style look.

Matt Black Square with Round Edges Handle Cabinet Handle (C70 BL Narangba Handles)

Whereas a modern style kitchen is suited better to a minimalist look, features like our (Above) C70-Narangba Cabinet Handles.  These handles are squared and slimline with nice smooth edges.

C137-White Caloundra Cabinet Handles

(Above) C137- Caloundra Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) Handles.  This handle fits on top of the door or drawer to give a great contemporary minimalist look.

Finishing the Style

If you’re set on a modern handle but want your New kitchen to have a traditional, vintage feel (or vice versa), the current trend for luxe metals like copper, golds, polished nickel and bronze is a great solution as these finishes suit a wide variety of kitchens, from classic Hamptons/Coastal style right to industrial and contemporary styles. Whatever you choose, make sure it feels good to use and it is functional for you to use daily.

A kitchen is the heart of the house where you will find you will spend the most of your time there. It is often part of an open plan space, creating a multifunctional space that incorporates dining, living and entertaining together. Having a scheme of elements that gives you the right ambience, mood and practicality in your kitchen you should consider the colours, the lighting, your tapware, splashback and hardware that will give the overall look and feel that you are after.

Whilst these are all important design elements, these are not often considered from early in the design process, so with the genuine final additions to help tie in the last of the design elements, choose Handle House be your store to give you the inspiration that you may need for your handles and knobs. The Team at Handle House will be gladly to help answer any questions you may have in choosing your cabinetry hardware.

Gold and Copper Products“So, let today be the day to explore your options…visit our Gallery for other inspiring ideas for your New Kitchen!”



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