Open your Entrance to Perfect Door Furniture

Open your Entrance to Perfect Door Furniture

Written by Nadine

Open your Entrance to Perfect Door Furniture

Finding the Perfect Door Furniture for your Front Door

Always use a high-quality door furniture that it is suitable for external or internal applications. Understand the structure of your door before trying to fit it with door furniture or hardware. When fitting door furniture make sure you are not affecting the efficiency or structural strength of the door. Choose the correct door furniture to suit your needs and design, whether it may be an element of material, colour, size, shape or style. We have some great suggestions to get you started and be inspired by.

E35- New Mercury Entrance Pull Handles

                           Matt Black Square Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E35 BL New Mercury)White Square Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E35-WH New Mercury)

Choosing your Quality Functional Door Handle

When choosing your Quality Door handle it is important to realise they will be used often. Even though you are choosing a handle for the design, you must think of the functionality and the comfortability that it will provide, as well as the quality to stand the time of daily use. Always go in and inspect a showroom and test the handles for the grip and comfortability.

In today’s market there are numerous of door handles that come in a variety of materials, styles and colours. Choosing your right quality entrance handle will be decided by a variety of aspects such as the space you are trying to create, the basic functionality that is needed and your budget. Choosing the right quality handle, you may be inspired by a look of a design or theme, we have handles to suit all styles. All our Entrance Pull Handles are at a High Quality Australian material. Our stainless Steel are at 304 grades or 316 marine grades. Some of our handles can be also be powder coated to colours to suit. (For more information on powder coating please speak to one of our fabulous team members at Handle House). Here are some of our great suggestions in Powder coated colours- Matt Black and White.

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E14- Griffith Matt Black Entrance Pull Handles

            E29- New Decor Entrance White Pull Handles

Satin White S Curved Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E29-WH New Decor)


Custom Sized Timber Door Handles with Stainless Steel Ends

Are you wanting something that is unique and different and need to perfectly represent your style? While we have an excellent selection of High Quality Stainless-Steel Entrance Pull Handles we also carry Entrance Pull Handles to cater to custom wood sizes. With our Designer Architectural Offset Stainless Steel Pull Handle Ends comes with either Rosewood or Kwila Timber, they come in amazing sizes to suit your needs. The fantastic part they can be painted or stained to colours to suit your décor or home. This are a wonderful use of different elements to incorporate throughout your home.

E3- Hollywood Offset Designer Timber Entrance Pull Handles

Brushed Stainless Steel and Timber Square Timber Offset Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E3 Hollywood Offset Designer) compressedE10- Woodridge Designer Entrance Pull Handles



Brushed Stainless Steel and Timber Round Bar Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E7 Mode Rosewood) compressed

     E7- Mode Entrance Pull Handle

First Impressions that Count

First impressions count, so think about the overall look you want to achieve in your entry. Whether it is modern, chic or traditional, you can’t fail to make a statement with one of our front door entrance pulls handles. The door furniture should always invite an atmosphere of grandeur welcomeness that greets your family, friends and visitors with open arms. Entry door handles are the first and last thing that people use to touch when entering and leaving your premises. Your front door entrance should set the mood, anticipation or ambience of what is to lie ahead. By using attractive, functional and practical door furniture it enhances the street appeal and boosts value to your home.
Here are some Coastal Style Door Handles suggestions.

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E29- New Decor Pull Handles

E28- New Curve Entrance Pull Handles 

Brushed Stainless Steel S Curved Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E28 New Curve) compressed



Sizing the Correct Handle to your Door

Our handles come in all various lengths. The size of your handle will be determined by the size of your front door. Using longer door handles for larger front doors, looks great and are conducive if you are trying to make statement that gives an overall impression of your style. What size you use on your front door is a personal choice, but as long it doesn’t interfere with the structural of the door you can use any size handles.

If your design is contemporary, here are some great suggestions to give you that modern innovative design. 

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E35- New Mercury Entrance Pull Handles

E35- New MercurySmaller sized Entrance Door Handles to suit standard sized doors. But don’t be discerned you can use larger handles if you are planning to make a bigger impact.

E34 – New Mode Entrance Pull Handle

E27- New Style Entrance Pull Handles

E27- New Style

Lever to it or Lever Not…

When deciding whether you are going to use a lever or not is another question to remember. Do you want to use a door lever to Push or Pull? Both works well but using levers will come down to the style that you are trying to create, the contrast you are incorporating or that you are wanting consistency throughout your home. We have Levers in a range of styles, designs and colours to suit.

L3- Designer Door Handles – Square Design


L7- Newcastle Black Lever

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Complete the Look with Door Hardware Accessories

We also have an excellent choice on door hardware that can complete the overlook, from keyed cylinders, hinges, escutcheons and locks. These are often forgotten when selecting door hardware accessories. The Escutcheons are a practical and decorative part that hides and tidies the look by hiding the cylinder lock and helps to keep out the draught. These are needed to protect the inner part of the lock from the elements. These also can come in square, round and in powder coated colours to suit.  

T16- Round Escutcheons

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Routine the Clean

I know…cleaning our door handles is the last thing that you would prefer doing! But to avoid your handles deteriorating rapidly, keeping a simple routine to clean your handles regularly will benefit you in the long run. By a simple measure of polishing and cleaning your door handles will maintain your product to last and help the cost down in the future. If you would like to minimise the cleaning, choose a brushed finish or Matt finish will show less marks than of a polished finish.

Bi- Cleaner Stainless Steel Cleaner

(Bi Cleaner Nevr Dull Stainless Steel Cleaner)




**For Care & Maintenance Information click here**

The Entrance Door Handles is an investment that will showcase your Entrance to your world.  So, choose your perfect Door furniture that will give you a long-lasting impression that you’ll love coming home to!

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