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Handles for Integrated Fridges

Handles for Integrated Fridges

 How to choose the right handle for your integrated appliances?

We have seen the use of integrated appliances become extremely popular in kitchens recently. Something about the minimalism, aesthetic, and cleanliness is what creates the appeal for many - say goodbye to fingerprints!

There are a few things to consider before integrating your appliances into the kitchen, one of them being handles!

Now one thing you need to remember is the difference between appliance pull handles and cabinetry handles. Regular pull handles are a lot thinner and although you can use regular pull handles on appliance door, we suggest using our selected range of handles for integrated appliances. You will notice these types of handles tend to be thicker, stronger, and bigger due to the fridge door needing more force to be applied when opening it.

Along with the type of handle, you need to ensure you use thicker screws such as break-off screws. This will help the handle stay in place whereas, using regular 22mm or 25mm won’t suffice leading to the loosening of the handle.

A general rule of thumb that you will want to follow is ensuring the handle you pick is no longer than 352mm, apart from a few handles. Choosing a significantly longer handle may cause it to bow or snap because of the force that is being applied to it, so for this reason I have put together Handle Houses recommendations for handles for integrated appliances. So, let’s get into it!

192mm - The C13 is the smallest handle we recommend for integrated fridges as it might be small but it’s strong. With the length being 192mm, this industrial style, stainless steel handle is perfect for opening doors that require a little more force such as fridge doors.

320mm - The C142, C174, and C27 are all excellent choices of handles for integrated fridges because they are sturdy, solid, and strong all whilst having a sleek, simple look to them. These handles are 320mm long which is the perfect length as it will not run the risk of bowing.

352mm - Going up a size to 352mm, you have the C166 handle and the C21 handle, both popular choices in the interior design industry. Larger and chunkier handles are becoming increasingly popular, and these handles pull this style off perfectly.

384mm - The longest handles that we recommend is the C210 and the C176 which are 384mm long. The reason we make an exception for a handle this long is because of the thickness and strength it holds, meaning it will not bow from the force of being pulled on.

Integrate appliances are a unique way to hide your appliances and they suit any design style whether it’s traditional or modern. So, if you are deciding whether to have integrated appliances in your kitchen, make sure you ensure to consider the type of handle you are going to use. Remember not to pick a handle that is too long and too thin because you don’t want it to bow and snap and you want to make sure it’s strong enough to bare the force.

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