Our Latest Hardware Finishes!

Our Latest Hardware Finishes!

We have recently introduced a wider range of finishes for our hardware collection making it easier for you when it comes to selection time. From doorstops, to hinges, to finger pulls and everything in between we have it. We have launched four new finishes including gun metal grey, gold, white and black along with the classics; chrome, brushed and polished stainless steel.


Choosing which doorstops isn’t as easy as it sounds, I mean there is so many to choose from! Whether you are after a magnetic door stops, rubber doorstops or column door stops we have finishes that will compliment your style perfectly. Doorstops are not exactly a standout feature; however, you want to make sure the finish is the same as the rest of the hardware that is throughout the house. Our T18, T92 and T55 just to name a few all come in an elegant gold finish that make even the smallest of details stand out. If gold is not your style, then why not go for a simple black, white, or gunmetal grey finish.

T55 - stainless steel, black, satin gold and white



Butt hinge, hirline hinge, lift off hinge - which hinge should you chose?

Butt Hinge: A butt hinge is made up of two leaves that match. One is recessed into a fixed component such as the door jamb and the other leaf is attached to the door itself. This type of hinge is commonly used for a variety of applications. They are perfect for front doors, heavy external and internal doors.

T21 Butt Hinge - black, sating gold, stainless steel and white:


Hirline Hinge: These types of hinges are much easier to install as it doesn’t require you to create a recess in the door. Hirline hinges are extremely sturdy with a sleek smooth finish that come with complementing screws to match the colour finish.

T22 Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinge - black, sating gold, stainless steel, white:


Lift off hinge: Lift off hinges is made up of two parts that allow for the door to be removed without opening it. It is common to find this type of hinge in toilets. Our T31 universal lift off hinge is suitable for all doors no matter what way it swings.

T31 Lift Off Hinge - black, satin gold, stainless steel, white:



What is a mortice lock? Mortice locks are set within the body of the door rather than a lock that is attached to the surface of the door. These types of locks are opened and closed by pushing the lever arm down and locking with a cylinder. Coming in three different finished; stainless steel, black and gold it is bound to complete the look for your front door.





escutcheons are a piece of hardware that is needed to protect the inner part of locks. Whilst being practical is also adds decorative elements to complete the overall look of the door. We now have three new finishes that

T61 Round Escutcheons - satin gold, stainless steel, black, polished stainless steel:



Here at handle house, we now have the T5 Rebate kit in a black and satin gold finish. A rebate kit is important to ensure mortice locks or roller latches can function properly on your doors.

 T5 Rebate Kit - stainless steel, black, satin gold:



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