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Introducing our bespoke Timber Handles and Knobs

Introducing our bespoke Timber Handles and Knobs

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new timber collection, featuring exquisite natural white oak and lush walnut options. With our timber handles and knobs, you can effortlessly transform any space into a haven of elegance and allure. The organic tones of the timber infuse a touch of warmth, while its remarkable versatility ensures a truly unique ambiance.

Our everlasting timber collection brings forth the earthy undertones of nature, exuding individuality and charm. The beauty of timber lies in its distinct features, encompassing natural grains, tones, and organic forms. Each piece captures the captivating essence of timber, embracing its radiant visual glow and enticing texture.

Reflect Your Personal Style - Handcrafted and designed with a Mid-century modern impression, our range adds a delightful charm that revitalizes any space. Drawing inspiration from clean lines, organic forms, and geometric shapes, the Mid-century modern style seamlessly blends old and new materials. It harmoniously merges traditional and non-traditional elements while connecting form and function. The timeless appeal of Mid-century modern design withstands trends, making it a lasting choice. Every handle and knob in our collection boasts unique minimalistic shapes and elements that reflect the essence of this iconic style.

Experience Modern Scandinavian Elegance - Symbolised by the use of natural elements, clean lines, functionality, and understated elegance, modern Scandinavian interior design is truly captivating. Inspired by the minimalistic movement, it employs neutral tones and minimal aesthetics. The incorporation of timber, with its raw grains and natural tones, adds a rustic touch to balance the modern and neutral materials. Rooted in functionalism and simplicity, modern Scandinavian design draws inspiration from nature, organic shapes, and natural elements. Timber serves as a versatile medium that effortlessly creates a natural atmosphere, leaving a timeless impression that transcends future trends.

Discover Our Timber Handles and Knobs - Our carefully curated timber cabinet handle collection offers a blend of unique and contemporary designs. Available in various sizes, styles, and two stunning finishes—rich Walnut and neutral White Oak—our timber range adds elegance and warmth to your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, or furniture. Combining style and functionality, these handles serve as natural accents that evoke nostalgia and texture.

For a unique and stylish impression, our timber knobs add a touch of visual interest to your space. Crafted with care, these knobs radiate a natural glow, combining aesthetics with functionality.

Our breath-taking timber collection epitomises contemporary innovation while remaining effortlessly functional. The cabinetry handles and knobs elevate the atmosphere of your space to extraordinary levels, exuding a sense of class and sophistication.

Let inspiration guide you as you explore our timber range today.

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