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It’s all about Brass

It’s all about Brass

Why Choose Brass?

Brass hardware has witnessed a surge in popularity, becoming the preferred choice for door fixtures. This versatile material offers a cost-effective solution to personalize your home while infusing it with warmth and a captivating glow. As a result, brass hardware has become increasingly prevalent in modern Hamptons, coastal, and Scandinavian-style homes, adding a touch of excitement and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Timeless Elegance:

Brass is a timeless choice that exudes a classic and adaptable style. It's perfect for areas that are difficult or expensive to change over time. By incorporating satin brass, you can bring trends into your home while ensuring a lasting and elegant aesthetic.

Mix and Match:

Mixing finishes is now widely accepted, allowing brass to be seamlessly integrated into any space. By blending metals in moderation, you can avoid overwhelming the room. Choose finishes that complement each other, creating contrast and adding richness to the space without being overly distracting.

Make a Statement:

If you want your hardware to stand out, brass is the ideal choice. It blends perfectly with various textures and both light and dark furnishings, adding complexity and becoming a captivating focal point. Brass creates visual interest and depth, enhancing the overall design of any room.

Discover Handle House's Stunning Brass Collection:

    Handle House presents a new range of high-quality brass handles and knobs. From retro-style round D-shaped cabinet handles to contemporary knobs and minimalistic thumb pull knobs, our collection offers a variety of options to transform your home or décor. These new additions effortlessly balance industrial opulence, contemporary flair, or traditional charm, complementing various design schemes.

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