It’s all about Satin Brass

It’s all about Satin Brass

Why satin brass?

Trending across the world, brass is taking over as the most popular finish for door hardware. Using satin brass is an easy and affordable way for homeowners to customise their home adding warmth and a refreshing glow. Satin brass allows you to invite a sense of sophistication, creating a dynamic focal point that will be the hero of any room.  

After decades of stainless steel, satin nickel, and chrome being the star of the show, brass has rapidly grown into the most popular finish for door and cabinetry hardware.  From using satin brass this product creates a beautiful contrast of warmth, colour, and charm adding a unique sensation into today’s homes. 

FOREVER AND ALWAYS WILL BE TIMELESS: Timeless refers to something, classic, sophisticated and adaptable to evolving styles. Using satin brass is the perfect addition to any home as it is everlasting which is ideal for areas that are expensive or hard to change over time. More and more clients want to bring trends into their homes while still guaranteeing an everlasting style.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO MIX IT UP: There is a new increased acceptance of mixing finishes which means brass finishes can be incorporated within any space. Mix in moderation and start small by blending metals, you do not want the space to be filled with too much brass as it will end up becoming too overwhelming. Select finishes that complement each other in a way that highlights individuality without being too distracting. Blending provides contrast between both finishes adding a subtle amount of richness to the space.  

THE STATEMENT PIECE OF ANY SPACE: If you would like your hardware to stand out, brass is ideal for you. In regards to cabinetry or doors, this finish blends perfectly with all textural surfaces, light or darker furnishings. Creating complexity within any design this finish will become the focal point adding a breathtaking accent and a golden touch. Brass is a perfect strategy for adding visual interest and depth to any room.

Handle House has a stunning new range of high-quality satin brass handles and knobs.

From retro-style round D shaped cabinet handles to unique contemporary cabinet knobs, minimalistic round thumb pull knobs, industrial rectangular or square styled knobs. Our latest satin brass collection will be your new preference for 2021 to transform any home or decor.

 Handle House’s new range will add an industrial opulence, contemporary or traditional feel for the space effortlessly balancing alongside various design schemes.⁠ The new cabinet handles and knobs will create a unique sculptural design element for your cabinetry. 

Explore our new collection now… New Year, new knobs, new handles, new finish, new range, and more sizes.

GLEBE KNOBSK135 is a modern rectangular styled knob creating a striking addition for all cupboard doors and drawers. Adding an industrial or contemporary style for your space. The Glebe Knob enhances the appearance of a room creating an element that increases harmony and functionality.

BALCATTA KNOBK136 is a contemporary cabinet knob with a round knurling detail.  The Balcatta knob is an industrial design styled knob with a textured edge surface to provide a good grip. This breath-taking knob creates a unique aspect to the room adding emphasis contrast to the space.

COOGEE KNOB- K137 is a minimalistic small round thumb pull knob with a smooth finish. The timeless solid brass knob is ideal for all cabinetry styles adding a key element of design within the room.

MOSMAN KNOB- K138 is a square stunning high-quality satin brass contemporary design. The Mosman knob is the perfect modern look adding sophistication and style to your drawers, cupboards, and furniture.

MONA VALE KNOB- K128 is a round flat-topped knob made from solid brass created to have a smooth, comfortable, and functional ergonomic design. Perfect to use for traditional or contemporary design styles complementing any décor. Being one of our most popular brass handles of 2020 we now have it in stainless steel and black, also available in three different sizes: Small- 32mm, Medium- 50mm, Large- 55mm. 

ST LUCIA HANDLES-C209 is a retro-style handle with a round D shape design. Comfortable grip with rounded corners and a round smooth bar. This stunning high-quality brass St Lucia handle is perfect for a contemporary or transitional look. Available sizes:  128mm, 160mm, 192mm, 224mm.

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