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The Complete Guide to French Door Handles & Hardware

The Complete Guide to French Door Handles & Hardware

French Door Handles: Adding Timeless Elegance and Style

French doors are renowned for their ability to infuse homes with a delightful traditional ambiance. They effortlessly enhance the character and charm of various design styles, including Hamptons, Coastal, Country, and Rustic. With their glass paneling, French doors allow ample natural light while preserving privacy. To achieve the perfect look and feel, selecting the appropriate hardware is essential. Before choosing handles and hardware, it's crucial to understand some key aspects of your French doors.

Types of French Doors: French doors can be categorised as sliding doors, rebated doors, or leaved doors.

  1. Sliding Doors: Sliding doors consist of leaf doors that smoothly glide together, creating a flush surface.

  2. Rebated Doors: Rebated doors are swinging doors, with one door featuring a groove or channel at the end. This allows it to snugly close onto the other door, forming an overlapping lip and a secure fit.

  • If your door is rebated, our T5 Rebate Kit Door Hardware is an excellent choice for double doors. These rebate kits enable proper functionality of Mortise Locks and Roller Locks.
  1. Leaved Doors: Leaved doors are swinging doors where two leaf doors meet squarely, similar to a sliding door.

Considering Door Types: When it comes to selecting handles and hardware, it's essential to determine whether your doors are new or repurposed.

  1. New Doors: New French doors offer more options than repurposed ones. Carefully consider the available space within the door's glass paneling to avoid damaging the glass during installation.

  2. Repurposed Doors: For repurposed doors, ascertain the diameter of any existing boreholes. Additionally, consider whether the wood panel where the hardware will be placed is solid.

Exploring French Door Hardware Options: After considering the above factors, you can explore various hardware options for your French doors. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Locking with Entrance Pull Handles:
  • Choice of Entrance Pull Handles

  • T3 Roller Lock

  • T39 or T49 Cylinder

  • T16 Round Escutcheons

  • Entrance pull handles offer two options: face-fixed entrance pulls, which are screwed from the front, and back-to-back entrance pulls, which are installed on both sides of the door.

  1. Locking with Long Plated Levers:
  • HH Long Plate Lever

  • T14 Mortice Lock

  • T39 or T49 Euro Cylinder

  • Long plated lever sets provide enhanced security for external doors. To maintain aesthetic balance, consider using a matching dummy set on the other side of the door.

  1. Latching Options (Non-locking):
  • T37 Roller Latch

  • Passage Levers

  • Dummy Sets

  • If you need the door to latch without locking, the T37 Roller Latch pairs well with entrance pulls or dummy lever sets. Passage levers with internal tongues are ideal for keeping the door shut.

Additional Hardware: To complement your French doors, consider the following additional products:

Flush Bolts: Keep one side of the door stationary while using the other side as the main entry or exit point.

  • T10 Edge Stainless Steel Flush Bolt
  • T11 Keyed Flush Bolt
  • T24 Edge Stainless Steel Flush Bolt

Hinges: Choose hinges that match the finishes of your hardware to achieve a cohesive look.

Security Considerations: As French doors feature substantial glass surfaces, it's important to ensure their security. By equipping your doors with good locks, flush bolts, and reliable door hardware, you can enjoy their aesthetic appeal while maintaining peace of mind.

French doors undoubtedly contribute to the visual appeal of any home and may even increase its value. With the right French door handles and hardware, you can create a timeless and sophisticated style that complements various interior design themes. Choose wisely, and let your French doors become a captivating focal point of your living space.

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