Our Favourite Barn Door Handles

Our Favourite Barn Door Handles

Barn Doors with Stylish Hardware

Barn Doors are trendy, charming and give a great sense of character to any home. They add a touch of a rustic appeal with a modern twist, but its the door hardware that helps complete the overall look and feel of your door. 

Above Photo Credit- Photographer: Rikki Lancaster & Interior Designer: Kate Cooper Designs

Purpose with Style

Barn Doors have a wonderful way of creating an impression in a room and can be crafted to many different sizes, colours and door styles. It’s the door handles that is not only functional but also has the substance to help finish the style to your door. 

To create a look we have door hardware to suit, whether it may be Hamptons, industrial, retro or the modern design style. Our entrance pulls, flush pulls, knobs and barn door handles can help complete that look you are after. 

Powder Coat for Colour

Our Powder-Coated finish hardware can turn a standard Barn Door into a stylish statement. We find that Matt Black or Satin White are the current on-trend colours which can be used for a variety of styles in many homes. 

Other Powder Coated Entrance Pulls – White or Black

The Benefits of Barn Door Handles

Sliding Barn Doors connect rooms together and can be opened up to create one big open plan space. These are easy to section off rooms and can be simply closed off for privacy.  

Our Barn Door Handles give you the luxury to be able to slide heavy doors with ease. We find that Door Hardware has a functional purpose but also creates that desired look to complement your style and taste.

Our E50 – Round Barn Door sets are a solid, heavy-duty door handle. These come in a High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel or Black. One side has a Flush Pull and the other side has a pull handle.  These can be used for residential or commercial applications. We find these handles are perfect to use on wood or aluminium doors and are suitable for both interior and exterior doors.

Bring Comfort to Small Spaces

Barn Doors operate without a hinge and glide along a track, you don’t need extra space for the door way. Barn Doors are great to use even for a small tight floorplan – allowing you to place something in front of the doorway and still give you a sense of comfort and space.  

Flush pulls are great hardware to use as they do not protrude out into the room,  this allows more freedom to move about while still being stylishly cool.

Other Flush Pulls and Colours

‘For Optional Locking’

Barn Doors can be locked to a room or office. This can be achieved using our T58 Sliding Door Lock with our T39 Euro Cylinder & C118 Keyhole Flush Pulls. All you will need to do is to build out the jamb for the door lock to connect to so that the door can be lockable. You can use a variety of options to your locking door.

Choosing your Statement Piece

Whatever you may choose, choose a Barn Door Hardware statement piece that will tie-in and flow within your design style. 

‘Keeping it simple is inspiring, stylish & elegant!’ 

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