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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Door Handles

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Door Handles

When it comes to selecting the perfect door handles, the first step is to determine whether you prefer lever set handles or pull handles. In this guide, we will provide you with the essential knowledge and understanding of door handles, enabling you to make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences.

Lever Set Door Handles / Pull Handles: Lever set door handles offer various options such as Dummy, Passage, Privacy, or Keyed handles. These handles are operated by pushing down on the lever to open the door. On the other hand, pull handles, typically found on entrance doors, consist of back-to-back long bar handles that require pushing or pulling the bar to open the door.

Steps to Consider in Choosing the Right Door Handle:

  1. Design Style: Consider the design style theme you desire for both the external and internal look of your door handles.

  2. Security Factors: For your front door, evaluate whether you require additional locking security, such as double deadbolts or Smart Locks, with your pull handles or lever door handles.

  3. Door Size and Compatibility: Take into account the size of your door, ensuring that the door handle is proportionate and not overly large. Also, consider handles that will fit the door, especially if you have a screen door in front. Pay attention to the handle's projection to prevent it from protruding too far out.

  4. Room Functionality: Consider the room to which the door leads, whether it's a wardrobe, laundry room, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, or any other space.

  5. Required Function: Determine the function you need for your door handle, such as a dummy set, passage set, privacy set, or keyed set.

  6. Material Selection: Choose the type of material for your door handles based on your environmental conditions. If you live in a seaside area or require handles that can withstand various elements, consider stainless steel. Zinc die-cast door handles are suitable for indoor use. 

  7. Complementary Finishes: Select a finish that complements your surroundings, such as black, satin gold, white, satin nickel, or stainless steel. Some pull handles can be powder coated, and roses on lever door handles can also be customised. If desired, you can coordinate your door hardware with your cabinet hardware or fixtures.

  8. Additional Accessories: Enhance the overall look by adding door accessories like door stops, flush bolts, cabin hooks, or hinges.

  9. Installation Considerations: Decide whether you will install the door handles and accessories yourself or hire a professional installer. Rest assured that all our door handles come with instructions.

  10. User-Friendliness: Take into account the comfort, practicality, and function of the door handles, especially if they will be used by the elderly or children.

Choose a door handle that will improve your life with ease. Select your door handle wisely to reflect your personal style and meet the needs of your home. At Handle House, we strive for the right balance, providing superior customer service and offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Remember, when it comes to door handles, prioritise quality for a better and longer-lasting experience. Complete your home with the perfect door handles...explore now!

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