With today’s Kitchen designs they come and go as often as our Australian Prime Ministers…meaning our masterpieces of today’s trends can be quickly overturned of being tomorrow’s unadventurous blunders. So, getting your kitchen right the first time saves the hassles and mistakes to fix in the long run.

Choosing your Hardware…

When choosing the right hardware, you can really never make a mistake. With the distinctive styles, finishes and sizes you can never go wrong. But making sure your kitchen has the right practicality or functionality for the future will certainly be a major part to consider.

Create your Space…

Firstly, think of the space you are trying to create, is it small, large, open planned or cramped with walls. Trying to organise and visualise the perfect useful kitchen, can be a straightforward process. Once you’ve worked out the space your creating, next is the practicality or functionality of how you will use that room.

Here’s a guide that may help in gaining the right hardware to suit your space.


How Practical is your space?

Everyone knows what practicality means…it means to adapt or design something for an actual use or have something of being useful. With cupboards, drawers and storage is a practical must haves, these help to minimise clutter. These also need practical hardware to open and close your drawers, cupboards  and storage with. Even if it is a seamless look. With Cabinetry hardware you will need something that will allow you to use with ease.

Tie in the Elements…

We have an impressive range of different elements either to a handle, knob or pull. For example consider the practicality of a small room, you do not want protruding handles that will stick out. You do not want things catching on you every time you turn around. So, opting for minimalistic features like flush pulls, ring pulls, or lip pulls can give a great benefit to keeping things looking clean, tidy and practical. Whereas in a larger room the options are endless. It all depends on the style and design you are also trying to create.

Left: Fantastic ideas to use for a small modern room is our Flush C81- Ring Finger Pull Handles

Chrome, Black Nickel or Antique Silver Round Ring Pull Cabinet Knob (K65 Monto Ring Pull) compressed

Unique style Ring Pulls K65 -Monto Ring Pulls

Chrome or Satin Nickel Eye lid, Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C76 Eye Lid Pull)

Transitional the cabinet Lip Pulls – C76 – Eye Lid Pull Handles

Great in small rooms too are knobs – Click here for Knobs.

Safety Sense…

Practicality also includes other safety factors that will need to be considered. For an example if you may have children or planning to have them in the future? You would want handles that are going to be practical for little hands. But not for little feet…BE AWARE of some Hardware could potentially be a climbing factor! Thinking for practicality sense of use for now and the future, will give you a reassured sense of knowing that the hardware you choose now will be practical for you and your whole family.

Left: C149 -Traditional Cup Pulls are great for little hands but will not suit their climbing obstacle courses. Keep things rounded or minimalistic to help stop injuries or enticing climbing antics.

Our C43- Miami Bow Cabinet Handles for a smooth curved handle


Left: For a minimalist design handle that fit over the top of the cabinets are great to use, our C137- Caloundra Cabinet Handles.

We have a fantastic range of other great choices in Cabinetry Hardware that will help not only your space to look great but have a practical and easy use.


How well will your space function to serve you?

The Function and flow of your space must be measured on how well you will use your space. Is it a place that you will use often, sometimes or rarely? Think of the functional layout that is needed to be used for an easy and everyday practise. Make sure your space quality is being suited to serve you and your purpose well. Like within Kitchens it is a place that is used quite highly, so having an efficient and serviceable zone will help you greatly.

Design with Style…

With Modern homes, seamless lines can give you a clean and open feel. Having Cabinet handles that will help to serve you well with a modern look and feel is our Below: C20-Melbourne Bar Cabinet Handles.


Another cabinet handle that caters for a contemporary Modern design  is, Right: C164 – Moreton Bay Cabinet Handles  to give you a practical and sleek style.

Don’t Forget the Look…

The function of cabinetry handles is obvious, as they help us on being able to access our drawers, cupboards and storage with ease. It is not necessarily always just meaning the function of something, but it can also be about the functional sense to design or style to help complete a look. A traditional look and feel to your home is our Below: C172 – C173 Kyvalley Cabinet Handles.

What is More Important to You in Hardware?

Practicality vs Functionality 

Think about what you will serve you in your Space!

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