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T80- Heavy Duty Soft Close

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The T80 Soft-close function is a remarkable addition to enhance your barn door experience with our T73 and T94 barn door kit. With its stainless-steel finish, this feature is installed discreetly behind the track, seamlessly integrating into your setup.

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    - The T80 Soft-close function not only adds functionality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your barn door system

    - Designed to support doors weighing up to 80kg, this feature ensures reliable and smooth operation even with heavier doors

    - By employing the soft-close function, the barn door glides effortlessly to a gentle stop in its final position, reducing the force required to close the doors and providing a serene closing experience

    - The soft-close damper remains concealed behind the rail, maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance
    With the latest design of the soft-close mechanism, there is no need to drill holes in the track, simplifying the installation process

    - Each soft-close mechanism is suited for doors with a weight rating of up to 80kg, ensuring optimal performance for your specific door size

    - The T80 Soft-close function is designed for easy installation, and all necessary fixings are included in the package

    - This soft-close feature is engineered to perfectly complement and function seamlessly with our T73 or T94 Barn Door Track

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