Million reasons to love Handles!

Million Reasons to Love Handles!

Really, there are so many uses for handles, we’d be totally lost without them!  There are a million reasons to love handles and the best is that we are one of a top largest retailers of handles in Australia!   We think we are the best!  Yes, we are biased and why not? We love Handles!! Hehehe!

We love to make sure we have the newest, trendiest and finest handles and knobs for everyone’s tastes and needs.  We have our classification on when we choose the next best thing in handles and knobs… below is our top three priority importance on getting the best out of a handle.

Valentines Special All you need is Love
K46 – Antique Knob / Glass Centre Knobs

First, we look for in a handle is the style, we love to cater to all styles and designs.  When we choose a product, it must have a class of its own.  Whether it is a cup pull, handle, flush pull or knob we like to have a design to complete a look.  We cater to the modern, traditional or that in-between.  We love exploring new designs and materials!

Second is the finish we delve into different elements to contrast or complement other fixtures and fittings.  So, we like to bring in all different shades and colours to suit many designed looks.   We only choose high quality materials that benefit not only the wear and use but also give a long-lasting impression. 

The third is the sizes, we have all different sizes to suit different tastes, whether we like longer or shorter handles on our cabinetry.  So, having a selection of sizes to cater for all sized cabinetry and desires, this benefits the overall look you are trying to achieve.  It is important to get the look you want, so having sized handles and knobs to choose from makes it easier to complete the look. 

Our biggest pride is our strong family values, personal service, and quality workmanship regardless of your budget or needs. Our huge selection of handles, door handles, and door hardware caters to suit all styles, taste, and budgets.  If you are in the need of the best products…come, see us or visit our website. 

There are a million reasons why to shop at Handle House! 😉

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